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15 Tote Bags That'll Make Everything You Carry Look Cooler

bag tote

You may not think you need to spend money on a nice bag, but that flimsy canvas tote on your shoulder and overstuffed plastic bag in your hand is telling a different story. We're all for traveling light, but there are days when you need more hauling power, and when those days come along, having something that won’t drag your style down is smart.

Enter: the 2.0 tote. Fashioned out of buttery soft leather or suede or done in some equally elevated fabrication, and built to carry as much as any grocery bag, these add-ons are a style upgrade and a day-saver all in one. Here, 15 designer totes we dig, all begging for your tax return. For more on styling the add-on, allow GQ creative-director-at-large Jim Moore to share a few pointers.

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